GraphQL Crash Course for Beginners with Node.js Experience

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About Course

Embark on a journey to master GraphQL in this meticulously curated crash course, featuring the outstanding tutorials of Net Ninja, a highly respected educator on YouTube. This course is specifically tailored for beginners in GraphQL who already have some experience with Node.js. It’s designed to methodically guide you through the nuances of setting up a GraphQL server and utilizing GraphQL query syntax, ensuring a smooth transition from your current Node.js knowledge to the world of GraphQL.

Source: Leveraging the insightful and accessible tutorials from Net Ninja’s YouTube channel. Delve into their rich content at Net Ninja on YouTube.

Content Structure: We’ve organized Net Ninja’s GraphQL tutorials into a sequential learning path, allowing you to build on your Node.js background and step confidently into GraphQL concepts.

Acknowledgement to Net Ninja: We are immensely grateful to Net Ninja for the original YouTube content that forms the backbone of this course. Their expertly crafted tutorials are invaluable to the community, and we aim to enhance their work with structured pathways and additional learning resources for our users.

Enroll for Free: This course, tailored for Node.js developers stepping into GraphQL, offers a comprehensive and user-friendly learning experience at no cost. Join us to broaden your development skills and embrace the power of GraphQL in your projects.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Fundamental principles of GraphQL
  • Setting up and configuring a GraphQL server in a Node.js environment
  • Crafting and executing GraphQL queries and mutations
  • Practical use-cases and best practices in a Node.js-GraphQL setup

Course Content

What is GraphQL?

  • Introduction to GraphQL
  • Query Basics

Setting Up a GraphQL Server
This topic is dedicated to guiding learners through the process of setting up and configuring a GraphQL server using Apollo, a popular GraphQL implementation. It will cover everything from the basics of Apollo Server to more advanced configurations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively work with GraphQL and Apollo in a real-world setting.

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